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Tero Saarinen Company: Van Opstal | Karttunen

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  • Schedule

    Fri 9.6.2023 19:00
    Sat 10.6.2023 19:00
    Tue 13.6.2023 19:00
    Wed 14.6.2023 19:00
    Thu 15.6.2023 19:00
    Fri 16.6.2023 19:00

  • Duration 1h 20 min., includes an intermission.

Tero Saarinen Company’s double bill combines a new creation by the vanguard of European dance, choreographer duo Imre and Marne van Opstal, with a Finnish contemporary dance classic from Jyrki Karttunen.

Heart Drive (2022) is a gripping new creation by Dutch choreographers Imre and Marne van Opstal – an exploration of love, connection, and pleasure, as well as the stigmas and moral taboos that exist within. The European premiere at Dance House Helsinki in June will be interpreted by eight stunning TSC dancers.

“Through multiple stages, Heart Drive invites you to reflect, unburden, and accept instincts and impulses. Where the physical experience of the body and sensations can exist without boundaries, and the acknowledgement of our nature is present. By exploring the primal drive we carry to love, hold, and connect.“
Imre ja Marne van Opstal

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Jyrki Karttunen’s beloved Digital Duende exudes deep emotion and fascinates with its duality. It’s a cool, Nordic interpretation of imaginary fiery Spanishness. This witty, detailed and brilliantly danced duet made its choreographer a global phenomenon at the turn of the millennium. The re-premiere will be interpreted in turns by Samuli Emery and Mikko Lampinen (9–13 June) plus Mikko Makkonen and Jussi Ulkuniemi (14–16 June)

"For me Digital Duende was in many ways a remarkable work. Central to its creation process were the insights that surfaced from the seemingly easygoing explorations of one’s thoughts and movement. I still like to come back to it every now and then, to remind myself of that unhurried, playful state of creation, where solutions have the time and space to emerge to address the questions currently at hand.”
– Jyrki Karttunen

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See Tero Saarinen Company’s full Dance House Helsinki programme: terosaarinen.com

Heart Drive is the most overt exploration of sexuality, investigating our inner, animal forces in noncliched and open-minded ways –– movement language is distinct and a bit surreal –– partnering is an innovative highlight –– Haunting and dreamlike [...] alluring taste of the European vanguard“

— STIR (CANADA), 2022 | Heart Drive

Heart Drive


Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal

Music / Composition

Amos Ben-Tal

Light Design

Tom Visser

Set Design

Tom Visser, Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal

Costume design

Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal, yhteistyössä Kate Burrowsin kanssa

Assistant to the Choreographers

Chloé Albaret

Rehearsal director

David Scarantino


Chloé Albaret, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Sakari Kinnunen, Oskari Kymäläinen, Katerina Torp, Jack Traylen, Gaya Gemini, Joni Österlund, understudies Anni Koskinen and Samuli Emery

Premiere: Ballet BC, World Premiere: 3 November, 2022, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, Canada | Tero Saarinen Company: 9 June, 2023, Dance House Helsinki, Finland

A Co-Production of Ballet BC and Tero Saarinen Company

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TSC logo CMYK 1 black 2017

Digital Duende


Jyrki Karttunen

Lighting, set and sound designer

Kimmo Karjunen

Rehearsal Director

Henrikki Heikkilä


Samuli Emery, Mikko Lampinen / Mikko Makkonen, Jussi Ulkuniemi


20 November, 1998 Joensuu Art Museum, Finland


Tero Saarinen Company

Astonishing fluency, combining the softness of Romantic ballet with the sinewy edge of modern dance. [...] It was interesting to see a style of contemporary movement that is less assertive than usual, and admirably prepared in the finest detail


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Read Tero Saarinen Company’s terms and conditions at: terosaarinen.com/ticket-sales. For enquiries about TSC’s tickets or their programme at Dance House Helsinki, please email the company at tickets@terosaarinen.com.

Note: The Erkko hall stand is steep and there is no lift to the upper section. Only the first row seats are fully accessible. For people with reduced mobility, we recommend buying a seat in the first row.

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