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Show photographer JKMM Arkkitehdit

Visiting address

Kaapeliaukio 3

Postal address

Tallberginkatu 1 / 122,
00180 Helsinki


040 560 1770

Mon-Fri 10-16
No ticket sales by phone

Invoicing information

Tanssin talo säätiö sr
Business ID 3351569-2

E-invoice address: 003733515692
Operator: Maventa
Operator address: DABAFIHH

Tanssin Talo 2021 11

Niki Matheson

Managing Director
Tanssin Talo 2021 39

Mikael Aaltonen

Programme Manager
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Sasu Paakkunainen

Production Manager
Tanssin Talo 2021 20

Saara Oranen

Communication Manager
Tanssin Talo 2021 14

Mari Hakkarainen

Administrative Coordinator
Tanssin Talo 2021 23 1

Petteri Laukkanen

Head of the Technical Department
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Eetu Pylkkänen

Sound Manager
- productions
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Rasmus Kallio

Lighting Manager
Tanssin Talo 2021 26

Mika Kinnunen

Sound Manager
20230310 tanssin talo teknikot 1x1 s RGB 03

Joshua Krohn

Stage Manager

The Board

Tuuli Kousa


Kirsi Monni

Deputy Chairperson

Leena Mickwitz


Risto Ruohonen


Anna Moilanen


Riku Lievonen


Paula Tuovinen


For the media

Images and background materials

Images and text material from the Dance House Helsinki are free to use for editorial purposes. Any commercial use of images should be agreed separately.

Dance House Helsinki’s programme consists of performances and events organised by various dance and cultural operators. The organisers are responsible for the organisation of the events and ticket sales. Press photos of specific events can also be obtained directly from the event organisers’ communication representatives.

For background material, read the history of Dance House Helsinki.

Press tickets

Media representatives covering the Dance House Helsinki or its events and performances can request press tickets from Possible filming permits should always be agreed separately in advance. Event-specific press tickets can also be obtained directly from the event organisers' communication representatives.

Interview requests, further information

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have, and will forward interview requests to both Dance House Helsinki’s staff and organisers of performances and events.

Saara Oranen, Communication Manager
+358 445661903,

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