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The first event and performance space dedicated to dance in Finland is open! We bring the audience and dance together by showcasing the diversity of dance art and culture. We want to make dance available to as many people as possible, increase interest in dance culture and strengthen the position and appreciation of dance.

The program of Dance House Helsinki consists of performances and events organized by various Finnish and international dance and cultural operators.

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Programme Partners

Tero Saarinen Company: Third Practice. C: Kai Kuusisto.

Dance House Helsinki's programme partners will produce diverse programmes that represent the most interesting artists in dance and circus. Dance House Helsinki creates and schedules its annual programme in cooperation with its programme partners.


SPARKS is an artistic development project of Tanssin talo, which will be carried out in 2019–2023. The project will produce three premieres for both the Erkko Hall that seats 700 people and the Pannuhalli hall that seats 235 people.

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Unknown photographer / Theatre Museum's archive

A space devoted to dance is a dream that has dwelt in the hearts of dancers for decades. The thought was first voiced in the 1930s. The relentless work and joint effort of different operators and an extensive group of active participants made the birth of Dance House Helsinki possible. How did it all start, and what turns of events have occurred along the road? How did dance finally acquire its own place in Ruoholahti, Helsinki?

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