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The programme of Dance House Helsinki consists of performances and events organised by various dance and cultural operators. Event organizers are responsible for ticket sales for their own events.

The event calendar contains information about the event organizers and links to the ticket sales for each event. Please contact the event organizer for any ticket related questions.

See the programme

Online store and Cable Factory's info point

We recommend buying your tickets online. In our Programme Calendar, each event has a link to the online ticket shop for that event. In addition to the online shop, tickets for most of the performances at the Dance House Helsinki can also be purchased at the Cable Factory's info point. See the opening hours on the Cable Factory's website.

See the Programme Calendar for programme specific sales information.

Ticket sales by phone

Dance House Helsinki does not sell tickets by phone. The general customer service number for other matters is +35840 560 1770 (Mon-Fri 10–16).

Booking and cancellation conditions

Each event organiser is responsible for its events' cancellation and booking conditions.

For each performance, the Programme Calendar contains information about the event organiser and a link to the ticket sales for that event.

In principle, it is not possible to cancel the tickets. In performances with multiple showtimes, tickets are usually exchangeable for other shows of the same performance, provided there is space available. Some operators may be able to exchange a ticket for a gift card.

Please contact primarily the event organiser with any questions regarding cancellation of your ticket purchase. You can also contact the Dance House Helsinki's customer service: info@tanssintalo.fi.

In case of cancellation from the organizer, your money will be refunded against your ticket. The Dance House Helsinki will not reimburse customers any other expenses.

Ticket types and discounts

Event organisers are responsible for ticket sales and discount categories for their events. Please check the different discounts for each event in the Programme Calendar. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount (e.g. pensioner's card, student card, unemployment certificate, professional certificate).

The following discount categories apply for most of the Dance House Helsinki's events:

Discount ticket I Students, Unemployed, Young people, Civil Servants, Conscripts.
Group ticket I Please check the minimum number of people per event for group tickets.
Professional ticket I Please check the availability of a professional ticket per event.

Pay What You Can I In addition to the discount categories above, PWYC tickets are available for some of the Dance House Helsinki's events. With PWYC tickets, we want a greater number of people to have access to the performances and events, and that finance will be less of a barrier.

When buying PWYC tickets you can choose the price that suits you best from three different price options. A limited number of PWYC tickets are available for a wide variety of Dance House Helsinki's performances. Tickets can be purchased at the Cable Factory's info point or online via the link on each event's website.

Payment methods

The programme at Dance House Helsinki consists of various performances and events by different event organisers, so the ticketing websites for different events may vary. Please check the Programme Calendar for ticket sales for each event.

Tickets can be purchased online and at the Cable Factory's info point using the most common online banks and credit cards, in addition to Smartum and Epassi. Note: You can only pay for one ticket online with Smartum and Epassi. If you´re buying more than one ticket, you must first pay for one ticket with Smartum or Epassi, and then buy the other tickets. You can also pay with Smartum culture and exercise vouchers at the Cable Factory's info point.

Please note that you can only use the Smartum and Epassi payment methods directly in the online shop or at the Cable Factory's ticketing points. Tickets cannot be purchased through the mobile apps provided by Smartum and Epassi.

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