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Show photographer Tuomas Uusiheimo

Dance House Helsinki is the first building in Finland designed on the terms of dance. The impressive new building and renovated premises in the old parts of the Cable Factory are a result of the design efforts of JKMM Architects and ILO architects.

Dance House has two venues for organizing shows, the 700-seat Erkko Hall and the 235-seat Pannu Hall, and a connecting Lobby between them.

The venues of Dance House Helsinki are flexible and versatile. For example, the auditorium, stage and side stage of the Erkko Hall can be separated into separate event spaces or combined into one large space that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. In addition to dance and circus performances, Erkko and Pannu are suitable for concerts, seminars, conventions, filming and photoshoots.

Food&Events restaurants, operated by Restel, maintains a bistro restaurant (t)raba in the Dance House Helsinki. Food&Events Restaurants provide catering services for events and occasions organized in Dance House Helsinki and elsewhere, and is as well responsible for the refreshments during the intermissions.

If you are interested in organising an event at Dance House Helsinki, please send us a message at

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