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Tanssin talo Association's operational name will be restored as Tanssin talo

Tanssin talo Association's extraordinary general meeting decided to restore the operational name ‘Tanssin talo'

The decision to restore the original operational name was taken by the association's extraordinary general meeting held on 8 July 2020. On 8 June 2020, 37% of the association's members submitted a written request to the Board to arrange an extraordinary meeting:

We, the undersigned members of Tanssin talo Association, do not approve the decision to change Tanssin talo's name to Form. We demand that an extraordinary meeting of the association be arranged to discuss Tanssin talo's brand and strategy and a vote taken on restoring the name ‘Tanssin talo'.

Tanssin talo is the first space in Finland specifically built for dance, and its name and brand must reflect the mission and contents of the house: Tanssin talo must be distinguishable through its diverse and constantly evolving contents and be open in relation to the society, audiences and the multiform field of dance. The house must appreciate, respect and highlight dance, not hide it."

According to the proposal for a decision made in the extraordinary general meeting, the association's operational name should be Tanssin talo. The proposal was approved and no counter proposal was made in the meeting.

The association's operational name ‘Form', announced on 26 May 2020, will be abandoned, and in the future, the association will use the name ‘Tanssin talo'.


Henry Ahlavuo,
Marketing Manager
puh: +358 40 1909 325
e-mail: henry.ahlavuo@tanssintalo.fi

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