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Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators: Skin Hunger

  • 3 performances


  • Duration

    1 h 15 min (no intermission)

  • Venue

    Erkko Hall

  • Tickets

    38-23 €

  • Show times

    Wed 25.10. at 7.30 PM

    Thu 26.10. at 12 PM (art testers performance)

    Fri 27.10. at 12 PM (art testers performance)

    Fri 27.10. at 7.30 PM

    Sat 28.10. at 4 PM

    The performance is experienced through headphones. Artist talk in the Lobby after performances on Fri and Sat.

  • Obs. the Fri 7.30 PM & Sat 4 PM performances will be recorded.

Visceral and hypnotic, SKIN HUNGER explores the grounding force of tactile human experience – the sense of touch.

The largest exterior interface of the nervous system, skin remains the site of our most tender and most brutal impulses. Through the multifaceted language of movement that draws from the dance of the subconscious, SKIN HUNGER summons a powerful counterforce to the often disembodied experience of our digital age. Binaural soundscape creates an intimate 3 dimensional sound environment for each audience member in this unique staging, creating an immersive auditory connection to the bodies of the 6 international performers.

We all receive the first and the last sensations of our lives through touch. We hope this work serves as an invitation and motivation to be more in touch with ourselves and each other.

The work is part of Dance House Helsinki’s SPARKS project. Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, SPARKS is an artistic development project which is carried out in 2020–2023. The project will produce three premieres for both the Erkko Hall and Pannu Hall.

The performance is experienced through headphones.

Artist talk in the Lobby after performances on Fri and Sat.

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Johanna Nuutinen: An Interview

Tero Ahonen

"In the fast cycle of everyday life, we rarely notice sensory experiences and their impacts."

Read the interview


Standard ticket | 38 €
Discount tickets | 23 € Under 25, Students, Unemployed, Civil Servants, Conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.

Pensioners | 34 €

Professional ticket | Members of STST and SVÄV: 23 €. Purchase limit one ticket.

Group ticket | Minimum amount 10 persons: 32 €. For group bookings contact:

Pay What You Can | A small number of "Pay What You Can" tickets are also on sale for the performance. PWYC tickets are available at the info point that is located at the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard and here. Read more about Pay What You Can tickets and other ticket information.

Johanna Nuutinen

Johanna Nuutinen has created stage and cinema productions at the crossroads of visual and performing arts since 2011. Her work has been performed at more than 40 international film festivals and several dance festivals in Finland and abroad. She has created commissioned works for the Finnish National Ballet, the West Australian Ballet, Tero Saarinen Company and Skånes Dansteater. Before embarking on a freelance career in 2017, she was a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet.

In 2016 Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators dance production platform was formed to support the artistic work which Johanna Nuutinen creates with a team of highly talented and visionary sound, light and costume designers as well as dancers and dramaturgs. During the next three years Johanna and her team will be investigating the world of senses and our sensory experience. The series will consist of three works that deal with visual perception as well as tactile and auditory senses through virtuosic motion, hypnotic visuality and the visceral world of sound.

Direction / ohjaus:
Johanna Nuutinen

Dance / tanssi:
Auri Ahola, Jonna Aaltonen, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Jack Traylen, Yi-Chi Lee, Georgios Pelagias, Francesc Nello Deakin (understudy / varalla)

Choreography / koreografia:
Johanna Nuutinen with the dancers/ Johanna Nuutinen ja tanssijat

Text / teksti: Melissa A.Thompson with Johanna Nuutinen and the dancers / Melissa A.Thompson Johanna Nuutisen ja tanssijoiden kanssa

Sound and music / äänisuunnittelu ja musiikki:
Tuomas Norvio

Additional musicians / muut muusikot:
Eriikka Maalismaa, viulu
Tapani Rinne, bassoklarinetti

Space, light and video design:
Joonas Tikkanen

Costume design:
Joona Huotari

Realization of the costumes: Renne Lehto, Satu Sarantaus, Joona Huotari

Dramaturgical support:
Melissa A.Thompson

Introductory voice: Heidi Ajanto

Technical production:
Lauri Lundahl (space/tila), Eero Keskinen (sound/ääni)

Sound operator:

Eero Keskinen

Light operator:

Lauri Lundahl


Johanna Nuutinen, Tanssin talo

Production assistant: Karmen Hellenurm

Media assistant: Elviira Naarala (on-the-job training / työharjoittelu)

Co-production partners:
Dance House Helsinki

Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture

Special thanks to:

People interviewed for the creation process, Anni-Kaisa Ojala & Jussi Ojala (RokoRok),Jarkko Lehmus, Natasha Lommi, Pekka Louhio, Saida Solla (the artists involved in the residency in 2021), Silentsystem Audio, the staff and technical department of Dance House Helsinki.

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