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The SPARKS Programme

SPARKS is an artistic development project of Tanssin talo, which will be carried out in 2019–2023. The project will produce three premieres for both the Erkko Hall that seats 700 people and the Pannuhalli hall that seats 235 people. SPARKS gives Finnish dance artists a significant opportunity to develop their own work and create new productions for the big stages. SPARKS is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Tanssin talo.

The project provides artists with the necessary resources during the creation process. The process consists of three phases: research, artist residency and production. The funding covers workgroup fees, residency time in theatre and rehearsal studio, and the possibility to consult dramaturgs, producers and choreographers throughout the process.

The first SPARKS production will take place at Tanssin talo in autumn 2022.

Sparks premieres

The first SPARKS performances will premiere in October 2022. Outi Markkula's work Kulkue - Parad - Parade combines dance, music, pre-recorded film and live projection. Milla Koistinen's work Magenta Haze explores communal joy.

The rest SPARKS works will be seen later in Dance House Helsinki in spring and autumn 2023.

Upcoming SPARKS performances


The working groups for the works selected for the Erkko Hall consist of artists who have a strong interest in large-scale stage productions and a desire to develop their own thinking and audience relationship on the big stage.

Milla Koistinen, Johanna Nuutinen and Elina Pirinen have been selected to create new works for the Erkko Hall.

Four renowned international experts are involved in the development of the productions for the Erkko Hall: Mathilde Monnier, Anthony Hamilton, Bia Oliveira and Katherine Profeta.


The artists and teams creating new productions for the Pannuhalli hall are: Outi Markkula and the working group, Mikko Hyvönen and the working group, Marika Peura, Kaisa Nieminen and the working group. The productions will be seen in Tanssin talo’s programme in 2022–23.

The productions at Pannuhalli focus on enabling the work of artists in the early stages of their careers.

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