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Show photographer Sebastian Bolesch

The renowned group of European dance to Finland


Choreographer Sasha Waltz, celebrating 30 years as an artist, brings to Helsinki in May 2024 Beethoven 7, a two-part choreography for 13 dancers that explores Beethoven's Seventh Symphony and the interpretations it evokes. The piece received its world premiere in 2023.

The performance starts with a commissioned electronical work by contemporary composer Diego Noguera titled Freiheit/Extasis. Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7 in A Major, op. 92, is heard in its entirety in the second part of the evening. This music originated in 1812, when Beethoven was already going deaf, and touches on topics of his time that are still relevant to us today: the failure of a revolution, a friction between the desire for societal transformation and restoration, and the accompanying loss of freedom and future perspectives.

Berlin-based Sasha Waltz is one of the most renowned and influential choreographers in European contemporary dance. Her eponymous company Sasha Waltz & Guests was founded in 1993 and has since gained international renown for its large-scale, visually striking works that combine architecture, visual art, film, music and design with dance.

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The production is a part of Dance House Helsinki’s international guest artist series, funded by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

Kuva: Sebastian Bolesch
The two parts share a certain rage. We see a group that sets itself against something, that strives for a common goal.”

— Tanzschreiber

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