SOMNOLE c Marc Domage
Show photographer Marc Domage

Boris Charmatz: SOMNOLE

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  • Schedule

    Tue 23.8.2022 at 19:00

    Wed 24.8.2022 at 19:00

  • No intermission.

The body has been described as a dancer’s instrument before, but Boris Charmatz’s solo performance SOMNOLE takes this notion one step further, his body becoming a musical instrument. Charmatz dances to his own whistle, elevating the themes of his performance.

SOMNOLE depicts the fragile state between asleep and awake, when the body is both passive and active. It examines our involuntary twitching and retreating thoughts in the moments just before sleep. The melodies that escape from Charmatz’s lips are like the impulses of the subconscious and are inspired by Ennio Morricone, Billie Eilish, Mozart and even birdsong.

Whistling is breathing, and Charmatz’s breath becomes the minimalist melody of the performance to which his movements must adapt. “This is a tightrope walker’s dance, where the body movement affects the instrument,” Charmatz has said of the work.

Choreography and interpretation

Boris Charmatz

Choreographic assistant

Magali Caillet Gajan


Yves Godin

Costume collaboration

Marion Regnier

Vocal work

Dalila Khatir

With the advice of Bertrand Causse and Médéric Collignon

Sound materials inspired by

J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, B. Eilish, The Pink Panther, J. Kosma, E. Morricone, linnunlaulu, G.F. Händel, Stormy Weather

Full list on

General stage manager

Fabrice Le Fur

Light technician

Germain Fourvel

Deputy director [terrain]

Hélène Joly

Direction of productions

Lucas Chardon, Martina Hochmuth

Production managers

Jessica Crasnier, Briac Geffrault

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