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Between a human and Cosmos


Internationally experienced choreographer Mikko Hyvönen leads the audience through historical, contemporary and futuristic myths with his new dance production called Kosmos – Reunion. The production is a part of the SPARKS -project that aims to encourage Finnish dance artists to develop their own work and create new productions for the big stages. In the following interview Hyvönen shares his thoughts on the production and introduces the work team.

-So, tell us about the production’s beginning and inspiration for it! What kind of topics and thoughts do the production deal with?

The production is about contemporary, historical and futuristic myths explored with help of dance, music and lightning design. I’m very interested in all kinds of relationships between individuals and groups, and also in people’s relationship with the cosmos. I have collected all my ideas together, and the next step is to develop the production with the work team.

-You have worked abroad for many years. How has it been to come back to Finland? How does working in Finland differ from other countries?

It has been great to come back to Finland. I feel more “grounded” and confident. Working here has been quite the same as in other European countries. The same topics seem to interest people everywhere. Sometimes, I wish for more, some sort of, playfulness and peace into my life after the pandemic and moving back to Finland.

-Tell us more about the work team, please! How have the dancers been chosen for the production? What kind of cooperation shall we see on the stage?

Elias Girod, Mira Kautto and Pie Kär are the dancers and they are going to make all this alive. Stav Yeini composed the music and also created the sound design for the production. Then, Teo Lanerva created the lightning design. Shared interest to the same topics and previous cooperation with many members of the team have gathered us together to this project – and also some sort of intuition has been involved. Many of us have been studying and living abroad. I hope that we’ll work openly and in a good spirit. But we’ve just started our rehearsal process, so at this point I hardly can say anything else about working together.

- The production is a part of the SPARKS -project. What significance has the project had on the shape of the work?

The project and Dance House Finland make this all possible and have helped to bring all the team together. Dance House Helsinki supports all the phases of the production.

Photo: Tero Ahonen

- What then does the power of dance mean personally to you?

For me, it means playfulness, creativity, expression, rhythm, energy, embodiment, joy, freedom, channeling and discovering feelings.

-You have worked as a dancer and choreographer. How does your view on dancing change depending on your role? What do you exactly feel while dancing and, on the other hand, while building movement into choreography?

Frequently, dancers themselves create movements and interpretations during the working process, and that’s why the difference between a dancer and choreographer is for my unclear, “slippery”. A choreographer is often the creator and takes the role of a director. There are good and challenging parts in these both roles. But in the role of a dancer I feel more connected to the physical expression and avoiding any kind of exhaustion.

I’m very interested in all kinds of relationships between individuals and groups, and also in people’s relationship with the cosmos."

— Mikko Hyvönen

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