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Skeleton Conductor XR Art

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    The virtual artwork is a 12-minute piece and is free to enter, but please reserve a place in advance. See detailed performance times when you book your place.

Skeleton Conductor XR Art is an unique VR artwork, where audience conducts the audiovisual environment with their movements.

The user-centric multi-sensorial virtual artwork is new technology, participatory media art. In this individual artwork the experiencer is the subject and author of their own experience. Bodily actions produce and shape the visual and musical dimensions of the virtual simulation and the augmented impulses are filtered through the embodied perception - the audience both produces and interprets their own story as active agents.

Skeleton Conductor XR Art has been shown at several art and VR festivals and it received People's Choice Award 2020 on it’s premiere at Altered-festival (USA).

Audience instructions:
Spectators are asked to book their individual experience time and arrive 5-10 minutes beforehand. Entrance to Pannuhalli foyer from Cabel factory Lasipiha at your specific time slot. Viewer is guided to gear up with VR- equipment (head mounted display and trackers) and instructed how to interact with the artwork. Audience members can stay in the space to reflect on their experience through an online research questionnaire. Artwork does not require any prior experience on VR or interactive art. Age recommendation 12 years and up.

Audience is invited to participate in the artistic research.
Artist-researcher Hanna Pajala-Assefa dissertation at Art University studies choreography of emergent corporeality in technological mediated environments. Research case study experiment takes place alongside the performances 6.-8.6., and in additional group interviews 10.-14.6.

The research case study experiment studies the nature and quality of virtual art experience. Spectators can take part in the research by replying to a short online questionnaire after the performance or in addition participate in a focus group interview session and donate their movement tracking data to be used for research purposes. Participation is voluntary.

More info on research and singing up for research experiments alongside with ticket reservation. Inquiries about research:

The event is fully booked! You can sign for the queue.

The event is organised by the Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy. At the same time, Mammu Rankanen's Ningen will be performed.

Mammu Rankanen: Ningen


Concept and choreography

Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Visual design

Daniel Leggat

Sound design

Janne Storm

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