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Henry Ahlavuo is the new Marketing Manager of Dance House Helsinki


Inspired by interdisciplinary contemporary art, Ahlavuo (AP, Multimedia & Communication) wants to leverage his commercial expertise in the fields of art and culture.

Ahlavuo has over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications. He has worked on both practical and strategic tasks. Prior to Dance House Helsinki, Ahlavuo worked as Marketing and Brand Manager for Vallila Interior. Ahlavuo's understanding of the creative work processes and experience in branding, e-commerce and digital projects support his work as Marketing Manager of Dance House Helsinki. “It's great to be able to leverage my commercial expertise in the dance and cultural field," says Ahlavuo. His responsibilities also include communications and media collaboration. "I'm used to coordinating large projects. I've also worked in graphic design and video production."

Large-scale consumer of urban culture

The visual identity of Dance House Helsinki is currently being redesigned, so Ahlavuo has started working on an interesting project. “The new identity, which supports the values and core business of Dance House Helsinki, is reflected in the revamped website, for example," says Ahlavuo. He is a heavy user of urban culture, inspired by memorable art. “Dance House Helsinki is a city-changing project and a major cultural player in both Helsinki and Finland. For tourists, it offers a new and interesting destination. It's great to be involved in working on something so unprecedented." Ahlavuo started in his new position on 2 January 2020. He acts as a substitute for Noora Kykkänen, Head of Marketing and Communication.

Additional information Matti Numminen, Director, Dance House Helsinki +358 (0)50 467 0276, matti.numminen@tanssintalo.fi

Requests for interviews Henry Ahlavuo, Marketing Manager, Dance House Helsinki +358 (0)50 467 9325, henry.ahlavuo@tanssintalo.fi

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