Dance House Helsinki is searching for a Director


Dance House is searching for someone who is willing to carry out its development and who knows how to network.

Dance House Helsinki is searching for a Director

Dance House is searching for someone who is willing to carry out its development and who knows how to network.


As the leader of Dance House, you can write a new chapter in the history of dance. You are willing to lead a house that offers a framework for dance that we have never seen before in our country. At the same time, you will be leading a team that together with dance artists, dance amateurs and the public will raise the status of dance to a new level in our cultural field and at heart of social discussion.

You will be responsible for leading and developing Dance House according to policies agreed on together with the Board of directors. You can recognise and create new possibilities for the operations, create strategic directions and lead our operations and team according to the strategy. As your first task, you will ensure that the construction phase of the building is completed successfully. At the same time, you will build a strong cooperation network and team in order to create the optimal conditions for operations.

You will act as the public face of Dance House and as a messenger for dance culture as you increase its visibility. You will create a strong and constructive relationship with cooperation partners and stakeholders in society and in so doing strengthen our position. You will be responsible for creating the optimal operating conditions for the house and its personnel through financing and creating an interesting programme according to the strategy.

As the value-based leader, you will ensure that Dance House takes its place in the field of dance and arts and that it is perceived as a desirable and serving partner. The teamâ€â€whose recruitment process you will participate inâ€â€will support you in creating a versatile, appealing and high-quality programme. Your crucial cooperation partner will be the Programme Manager. Recruitment for this position will also start in the spring 2018.

This position requires strong self-belief and the ability to keep a cool head during even the most demanding of times. As a cooperation partner and supervisor, you will be known for your determination and result-orientation as well as for being flexible and constructive. Passion for culture and the performing arts is the key factor guiding your actions.

We expect our leader to have proven experience in business management and especially in comprehensive specialist organisation management, particularly in the cultural field. As an experienced team leader, you are able to motivate your team to participate in realising the targets of the house. You have a university degree or equivalent and you are fluent in Finnish and English.

We offer a unique opportunity to develop and create a new service entity at the national and international level in Helsinki. You will be supported by an expert Board of directors and an operative team in whose selection process you will play a central role.

Further information is available from consultants Leila Suontila and Pasi Lepistö at Mercuri Urval. You can reach Leila on +358 40 707 8137. The best times to call: 13 February 2018, 13–15, and 15 February 2018, 8–10. You can reach Pasi on +358 50 490 3670. The best times to call: 20 February 2018, 13–16, and 27 February 2018, 14–16.

Please send your CV and application with salary expectation to us by 4 March 2018 at the latest to the address, reference: FI-12233.

Dance House Helsinki at the Cable Factory is a unique and diverse cultural centre that brings dance culture together under one roof and will be opening its doors in 2020. It is the first space that is entirely devoted to all forms of dance, which challenges bravely encounters and new ways of thinking.

Our transforming spaces are eagerly waiting for innovative content and fresh perspectives. We offer opportunities for domestic and international actors of different dance forms, for professionals and amateurs alike. Dance House Helsinki's values are: acting together, cherishing versatile dance arts and their future development, and new learning and discoveries.

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