Proposals for performances for the Erkko Hall

2017 08 17 picture1

Selections for the Erkko Hall Residency has been made

Milla Koistinen, Veli Lehtovaara, Johanna Nuutinen, Elina Pirinen and WAUHAUS have been selected for the next phase of the SPARKS Erkko Hall.

The artists and groups will continue to the Residency phase, which will be held in the summer of 2021. The Redicency includes two week practice period in the Rehearsal studio and one week on stage. Short practice screenings will also be worked on during the course. Three performances will then continue into Production phase leading to premiere.

Journey to the premiere

For proposals for the Erkko Hall, SPARKS will support a 2 week research process (which includes a 4 day seminar) for 7-9 proposals, after which 5 projects will be selected for a 3 week residency, where 3 projects will then be selected to be funded for a 3 month creation process leading to the premiere. Salaries and a production budget will be provided.

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