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The programmes aim to gather a multiplicity of voices and interactions within dance and choreography. Central to this is the development of sustainable models of partnerships and collaborative projects with local presenters, artists and companies with a diverse range of artistic, social, political and aesthetic approaches in their practice.

The programmes will bring into focus and trace the significant artistic developments in dance and choreography, enabling a fuller ability to understand and read dance.

Curated programmes may also provide contexts which underscore how dance can examine issues relevant to contemporary life, uncovering the shifting realities and possible futures in society and culture today.

And there will be moments when a participatory celebration of social movement itself is what is needed, where the essential joy of ourselves dancing is experienced.

Taking place throughout the year, these programmes will provide a range of accessibility points for new to experienced audiences of dance. It is intended that surrounding our curated presentations will be companion programmes that support a dynamic process of thinking, appreciating and experiencing dance.

Future Operations

Collaborations with dance makers

The house is available for all artists and presenters to rent. There will also be various venue collaborations and partnerships models to enable artists, festivals and platforms to present their work in the house regularly.


The house's self-curated programmes aim to create projects that respond to key needs of dancemakers when making new work for the stage. With project funding, we strive to provide artists with adequate creation resources, enable best production practices, professional technical support, and connections to international networks.


Over time, the house looks to foster a deeper dialogical and open exchange between its house programmers and local and regional artists and partners. This can lead to the house creating stronger artistic development and support structures unique to creating and touring dance and practical realities within Finland and the Nordic region.

International operations

Whilst the house focuses on strengthening the foundation of its programmes locally, it also seeks to cultivate dialogues and partnerships with international dance houses, presenters and artists to exchange knowledge, best and new practices, and collaborate on projects and co-productions. The House will invite international artists and productions as part of its curated seasons.

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